Can Corona affect your skin ?

Our regular life has suddenly hit the pause button as we all are into deep stress due to the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world. With each step we take, we are cautious about things we do similarly; we need to consider our skincare as it might get affected during this pandemic.

Dr Sao at Cozmaa Clinic has explained what is needed and what can happen in such a scenario.

Using soaps/sanitizers:
As per scientific guidelines, people are being encouraged to maintain hygiene repeatedly by using soaps or sanitizers. This poses a grave challenge for people with dry skin/atopic dermatitis/ hand dermatitis causing exacerbation or increase in severity/worsening of skin disease.

How can one control and avoid skin problems?

  • Use mild soaps or moisturizer containing soaps like glycerine soap, sydet bars etc. With skin-friendly PH
  • Use moisturizers after using soap/sanitizers in case the skin is getting dry.

Allergy to soap and sanitizers:
Acute allergies are being noticed against soaps and sanitizers presenting redness, itching, blisters on the skin around the hand and palms. If you notice any of these then stop using that soap/sanitizer and consult your dermatologist immediately.

Rashes on Body:
Corona Virus has not shown any specific pattern of development on skin infected individual. If rashes on the skin are your presentation, then consult the dermatologist.

Here are some good and important skincare tips by Dr Sao

  • Use hydrating moisturizers for your body and hands especially if you already have dry skin.
  • Before using sunscreen or any other cream make sure you wash your hands appropriately and dry them ( minimum 2o second-hand wash is what recommended)
  • Avoid scrubbing to shun the microtrauma
  • Use the suitable day and night cream, face wash as per the need after following the recommended hand washing technique.

In this serious condition of Corona, every individual needs to take care of his or her overall health including skincare. It’s a must. Along with that, to help rejuvenate your skin, get adequate sleep and drink more water. Additionally, it’s beneficial to eat fruits and veggies rich in vitamin D and antioxidants.

Stay home, Stay safe.

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