Eyebrow transplant: A Long-Term Fix For Thin Brows

Both men and women may feel self-conscious about their look as a result of thinning eyebrows and seek professional help to address the issue. The most frequent cause of eyebrow thinning is repetitive eyebrow hair removal for aesthetic reasons. Over time, this causes recurring damage to the hair follicles to the point where some will cease growing, giving the browline a thinned appearance. The eyebrows may cease growing for a number of additional reasons, such as scars from accidents, burns, or surgery, trichotillomania, chemo, and even autoimmune diseases.

Various methods have been employed over time to help enhance the appearance of the brows.
The method of creating the impression of bigger eyebrows with a semi-permanent tattoo called microblading is the most well-liked. Along with eyeliners, among numerous additional approaches.
The eyebrow transplant procedure carried out by hair transplant surgeons stands out as a therapy with promise.

So how does it function?
A hair transplant surgeon will do an eyebrow transplant with the goal of increasing the eyebrow’s fullness by simply adding more of your own hairs to the area.
It is a simple permanent procedure, and because it only requires one visit, both men and women find it appealing as a once-and-done method for thicker brows that will cost them much less in the long run than recurring cosmetic procedures like microblading, which need repeat “touch ups” every one to three years.

At Cozmaa will inquire about your medical history before to the treatment to make sure there are no conditions that might make it unsafe.

Alopecia areata, trichotillomania, bleeding disorders, and a history of plastic surgery issues are a few of the circumstances where eyebrow transplantation may not be appropriate.
We will check to see if there are any medical issues that could be causing the hair follicles in your eyebrows to fall out during your first clinic visit.

Before the replacement hairs are implanted, the precise shape of your eyebrow will be figured out and sketched in. In order to achieve the ideal browline for you and your unique facial features, you and Dr will work together to address this issue.

The optimum location for eyebrow hair grafts is from hair regions that will behave similarly to eyebrow hair, i.e., thinner hairs with a little follicle curvature. Arms, legs, and the nape of the neck are ideal body parts from which to collect donor hair. The surgeon will first numb the area that will be harvested with local anaesthesia. Then, using a device that effectively “punches” a couple millimetres out of the skin all the way around the follicle, the surgeon can remove the entire follicle intact. The eyebrow region receives the hair after that.

Normally, the entire treatment takes two to three hours, perhaps longer, depending on the number of hair follicles required to give the eyebrows the desired fullness.

The recovery time following eyebrow transplantation is short. The average time for healing is 14 days or fewer. New hair follicles begin to grow hair visibly in 4 to 6 months. Avoid picking at your brows as much as possible after the surgery because there may be some scabbing in the area.

  • After your surgery, you should wait up to 3 weeks before engaging in strenuous activity.
  • If you see any swelling, bleeding, or pus in the region, call your doctor.
  • In the next weeks, you’ll also notice some of the transplanted hairs shedding.
  • Do not worry!
  • This is completely normal since in the months after the transplant process, your new brow hairs will begin to grow.

As the hair that was transplanted from will normally continue to grow at the same rate and to the same length it would in its original spot on your body, the biggest problem that comes after eyebrow transplantation is the necessity to trim the eyebrows regularly. With your eyebrow transplant, we do advice a straightforward eyebrow scissor that swiftly and effectively fixes this problem. Beyond that, very uncommon adverse effects might also include bruising, nerve damage, and infections.

Overall, this procedure is considered safe in the right hands and can be done in the office setting with local anaesthesia. For those who are candidates, it can help them achieve a permanent organic improvement of their brows, saving them time and money over the long term by avoiding other expensive repeated approaches to brow maintenance, like microblading.

You are welcome to visit our clinic and speak with our Doctors at Cozmaa Clinic if you have any questions about your brows for any reason.

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