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Nearly 30% of the population have at least one tattoo however, not every one of them is glad about their choice. A study says, 20% of those with a tattoo say they regret getting it.

In case you’re in that 20%, there is uplifting news. Laser tattoo removal treatment at the Cozmaa clinic can dispose of your undesirable tattoo with minimal side effects.

The treatment is widely varied based on the individual, the method used in injecting the pigment into the skin, size of the tattoo, the spectrum of colours used in the design, the duration of time that the patient has had the tattoo, as well as any underlying conditions the patient may have that could affect healing or immune response to the therapy. All of these conditions are taken into consideration when selecting a treatment tailored to not only patients but also to each patient’s specific tattoo that has been selected for removal. Recently developed Freedom-2 ink technology uses microencapsulated polymer beads of biodegradable ink to allow complete clearance with just one laser treatment.

The tattoo is treated by targeting selective pigments with a high-intensity laser beam. The type of laser used generally depends upon the colours to be removed. This modality offers a highly effective approach with minimal side effects, although for complete removal, it frequently necessitates several treatments.

Potential side effects of using lasers in the removal of tattoos include discoloration, redness, scarring, and rarely, allergic reactions. Laser treatment is considered as a safer option than other tattoo removal methods. However, you should consider these factors while making the decision.

Specific lasers and wavelengths are better suited for targeted removal of certain colours of pigment than others. Depending on the wavelength used, the laser can target the tattoo pigment while sparing other chromophores in the skin, such as melanin.

The laser emits a green light that removes red and orange ink. This wavelength is absorbed by haemoglobin and thus, may result in temporary purpura after laser treatment.

Amateur tattoos are generally easier to remove since they usually contain only black or blue ink and more superficial.

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