Hair loss in COVID-19

During the current Pandemic of COVID 19, there is a growing number of patients reporting hair loss , even in patients who did not have COVID 19. Stress is probably the most common cause of this hair loss. Dermatologist, who specialize in diagnosing and treating skin,hair and nail disorders can tell you what could be the exact cause of hair loss or hair shedding. Wellness of hair,skin, and nail shows ones state of well-being . Wellness is a process of adopting patterns of behavior so that they lead to improved health and heightened life satisfaction. There are links that suggested a relation between health and behavior patterns and lifestyles as well as states of mind, thoughts, feeling, self-efficacy, coping strategies and use of social support. Present lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic condition created huge impact on socialization and channeling ones energy.

Hair loss can occur when there is an excessive Phase of hair shedding called TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM is common in people who experienced stressors like high-grade fever ,recovering from illness, weight gain or loss, sudden change in life style like change in sleep and diet pattern etc. Most people notice excessive shedding post few months after stressful events . Hair shedding within six to nine month generally regains its normal fullness with proper assessment and treatment. However if stress remain or persists then one can find continuation of hair shedding. In such situation it’s always advisable to consult your dermatologist to diagnose the condition and to arrest further more hair shedding with proper treatments including Vitamins, monoxide and or Acetyl tetra peptides.

Hair loss can also occurs when something causes actively growing hair to start shedding and this condition is called ANAGEN EFFLIVIUM. It’s a rare type of hair loss. Use of harsh Hair product ,some severe immune system reactions , certain drug called anti metabolites like those used as anti cancer medications can cause this type of rare hair loss. It generally recovers fully with minimal intervention

Hair loss of certain types involve complete loss of hair from specific areas of scalp, face or body known as ALOPECIA AREATA. This hair loss is without symptoms and generally seen as a coin shaped of completely lost hair. It can lead to panic but is easily treatable . your dermatologist will generally guide you to the best line of treatment

So in this Pandemic of COVID-19 and LOCKDOWN stay calm and composed , have adequate sleep, eat on time, keep your immunity high, exercise at home, keep social distancing and keep yourself safe at home.

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