FUE vs. FUT: Which Is the Better Hair Transplant Method?

You’re not alone. Hair loss affects approximately 85 percent of men and 40 percent of women, according to recent studies, and hair restoration provides the opportunity for a fuller head of hair.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT)are two popular hair transplant methods. Both forms of hair transplants can restore your hair, giving you naturally thicker, fuller tresses, but there are important distinctions. At Cozmaa Clinic in Mumbai, we’ve helped hundreds of men and women suffering from hair loss.

Our care team, led by Expert Dr. Prajct Sao, MD, examines your scalp and discusses your goals before developing a customised hair restoration strategy for you.

Things you should know about FUE hair transplants Each follicular unit is taken individually from the donor area of your scalp during a FUE hair transplant. Our Doctors at Cozmaa Clinic selects hair from several regions of the donor area to ensure that there is no visible thinning. These follicles are prepared for implantation and then implanted into balding or thinning hair patches on your scalp. The area of the scalp receiving the donor hair follicles must be shaved, however a newer Non Shave Technique (NST) can be even done without shaving.

Patients who have or may want to wear shorter hairstyles will benefit from the operation because there are no visible scars.

You Should know these:
Unlike FUE hair transplants, a linear strip of your scalp is removed from the donor area with FUT. After that, the strip is cut into parts and prepared for implantation into balding or thinning areas. The donor area does not need to be shaved with FUT, however patients do have one lengthy scar across their head. For these reasons, patients with longer hair (which can hide the scar) and who don’t desire a radical change in look may consider FUT.

Best hair restoration technique Finally, the finest hair restoration treatment is the one that best suits your requirements. Although both FUE and FUT can enhance your hairline and offer you a thicker head of hair, the FUE treatment has specific advantages. Dr. Prajct Sao and the doctors at Cozmaa Clinic use the FUE method to help our clients regrow their hair because of the benefits it gives. The majority of people with thinning hair are suitable candidates for FUE hair transplantation, but you must have enough donor hair to work with.

Our Doctors may mix treatment modalities to provide the greatest outcomes possible, depending on your goals and needs. The Benefits of FUE Take a look at some of the benefits of a FUE hair transplant if you’re a good candidate: Only healthy follicular grafts are inserted since the hair follicles are harvested and inspected, giving you outstanding results and a more distinguished hairline or fuller head of hair. FUE scars are small and spread across your scalp, making them impossible to notice without close inspection – even for individuals who like short hairstyles.

Because the FUE procedure does not require skin grafts or stitching, you can resume your typical activities within a few days. You won’t have much pain following your treatment because the FUE transplant method is minimally invasive.

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