Patients with advanced baldness have hope thanks to body hair transplants.

Not everyone who wants to undergo hair transplant surgery is a good candidate.
Normally, we remove donor hair follicles from parts of the scalp that are actively growing and then implant them in bald or thinning areas. But for a lot of patients, the extent of their hair loss has reached a point where there isn’t enough hair on their scalp to harvest and use in a transplant.

Fortunately, modern technology and techniques have made it feasible for us to use hair from other parts of the body in hair restoration surgery, such as the chest, beard, arms, or legs, for some patients with advanced cases of hair loss. Although they only make up a small portion of all hair transplant operations, body hair transplants (BHT) provide hope for patients who might require additional donor hair to complement the hair we collect from their scalp.

Extraction of BHT and Follicular Units
Follicular Unit Extraction has made BHT a far more widely available hair restoration alternative (FUE).
We remove donor hair follicles from the scalp using a precise, motor assisted FUE procedure that does not leave behind linear scars. One of the main drawbacks of BHT that for a long time restricted its attractiveness was such scars.

In a FUE operation, we carefully remove selected follicular units from the donor area using an image-guided circular tool that is 0.7–0.8millimetres in diameter.
In order to preserve the donor region hair’s natural appearance, we remove the follicles in a dispersed pattern, leaving the majority of it unaltered.

Patients who receive a hair transplant should have unharmed donor areas because the ensuing scars are tiny and dot-like.

Now, utilising FUE, we are able to remove hair in a similar manner from various body parts without leaving a noticeable scar.
In advanced cases of baldness, for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of hairlines, and in scarring alopecia where there is inadequate donor scalp hair, we can take advantage of the benefits of FUE either alone or in combination with scalp hair.

If any of the following apply to you:
You have sufficient terminal hairs across your beard, chest, legs, arms, and other body regions, and you are relatively hirsute.

The donor hair on your scalp is not enough to fully or adequately cover the extent of your androgenetic alopecia.

Your earlier restoration procedure used up all of the scalp’s donor hair, and the insufficient coverage of your bald spots now necessitates the use of additional follicular units.

To learn more about body hair transplants, contact the Miami Hair Institute right away.

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