What is Direct-BHT (Body Hair Transplant)?

One of our unique treatments is Direct-BHT, or Direct Body Hair Transplant.

We worked on and enhanced generic FUE as we developed Direct-BHT. In this method, body hair is combined with transplanted scalp hair. This provides complete coverage in the event of severe baldness. Pros and Cons Post-op care Cozmaa Direct-BHT (Body Hair Transplant) can also be used to give you more attractive hairlines and brows.

There are a variety of situations in which we might choose to use the Direct-BHT technique for you:

  • Your scalp doesn’t have adequate donor space.
  • Even after undergoing a hair transplant, you still have bald spots.
  • You require hair transplantation in additional places, such as the sideburns, moustache, beard, and eyebrows.

Direct-BHT Method

  • Similar to Direct-FUE, the transplant procedure is the same.
  • The donor area is the only distinction.
  • The entire donor area for Direct-FUE is the scalp.

Anywhere on the body can serve as the donor place for Direct-BHT.
Therefore, the procedure is as follows: we remove grafts from donor locations and transplant them on target areas.

Between the extraction and transplant, there is no waiting period.
Per session, 2000–2500 grafts can be transplanted.

Cons and benefits
Direct-BHT is a ground-breaking method.
If you don’t have access to enough donors, this could save your transplant.

However, you must be aware of two factors with Direct-BHT:

  • There is only one follicular unit per body hair.
  • contrary to scalp hair, which grows in clusters of 2-4 hairs. Therefore, the extraction and transplant of the same location involve additional processes.

This adds time and money. The length of body hair does not equal that of scalp hair. You might therefore need to go for a short hairstyle. According to recent studies in this area, body hair can likewise grow as quickly as scalp hair.

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